About Dunelm Pharmaceuticals

Dunelm Pharmaceuticals Limited was registered in the UK in 2009 and is focused upon hospital products and those which are subject to specialised patient or other market needs. Significant amongst these niche products are poisons antidotes and products which meet the clinical needs of special populations such as Orphan Medicinal Products; others include medicines which are unlicensed in the primary markets of the company. In the UK this includes some Manufacturer’s Specials.

Dunelm works with specialised storage and contractors to provide next day delivery to 98% of UK mainland Postcodes with the remainder in western Scotland and Northern Ireland receiving 48 hr service levels. This top quality storage and distribution service, to full GMDP quality standards, includes cold-chain and temperate products in specialist temperature monitored vehicles with satellite tracking and guidance.

Only part of Dunelm’s range of products is available via this website and only to those customers who register and are verified for such sales.