Payment Process

All IE payments for products added to your basket on are handled externally via PayPal

PayPal Process Diagram

How it works

Products added to your basket on are saved to your account if you have created one with us. We collect information from you on two pages on this website:

The information collected on these pages is also used in your personal profile and for your delivery and invoicing addresses. These details are saved to your Account if you opt to open one.

Any information passed over these two pages is transferred over SSL verfied by Lets Encrypt

You can view our certificate information by clicking on the padlock in your browser address bar whilst on any of the above two pages.

PLEASE NOTE: That we do not collect nor store any credit card information on our server. All EUR card processing is done externally via PayPal over their PCI compliant server.

For further information and PayPal terms of service please Visit the Paypal Website

After your transaction has been processed on the PayPal server you will be returned to where you can manage your orders if you have created an account with us.